B20E - Limited Access DrillingMaple Leaf Drilling Services

Limited Access Equipment


The B20E is the electric version of the B20 series which is used to drill inside of buildings. The drill is powered by a 37 kW generator which hooks up to the B-20E using special extension cords. This generator is conveniently mounted inside the trailer that is used to Mob/Demob the B-20E to and from the site. This quiet drill does not release any emissions making it ideal for indoor drilling. The B20E fits through a standard 28” door and can raise its mast under a 8’ ceiling.


VL-60 Limited Access DrillingThe VL-60 is mounted on the back arm of our Caterpillar backhoe and is designed to reach into hard to access spots. A few examples of this are reaching up hills with steep incline or reaching into a narrow walkway between buildings. This drill has been used on many different projects that were once deemed inaccessible.