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Portable DrillThe B20L is a helicopter/air plane portable drill that is capable of auger, coring, DTH, SPT, and mud rotary. The B20L is the premier fly-in drill rig for geotechnical and environmental use in Canada. Its power, versatility, and light weight is unmatched and makes it the best option for remote fly-in work. The B20L is easily converted from skid mounted to a trailer and can be towed either by truck, snowmobile, or quad. This drill will vastly exceed your expectations.


The B20 is similar to the B20L. Both are helicopter/air plane portable which are auger, coring, DTH, SPT, and mud rotary capable. Another advantage of these rigs is the ability to fit into tight or difficult access areas that other drills will not fit. The B20 series are often used on riverbank stability jobs where a regular track rig cannot access.
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