Support Drilling Equipment

Support Drilling Equipment

Maple Leaf Drilling uses a wide variety of support equipment which all is in house and is at our disposal at all times. We have everything you need to successfully complete a drilling project of almost any magnitude. Whether we need to mobilize equipment to site, mix and pump liquid grout, clear snow, support vehicles, welders, or anything else possibly required we have it or will get it for your project.  

Floating PlatformFloating Work Platform

The floating work platform makes drilling on water possible even in remote locations. The floating work platform can transported in a airplane or by helicopter to areas that are inaccessible by roads and can be assembled onsite. This has become a useful tool for projects that require drilling on river crossings for bridge design. It can also be used for environmental drilling over mine tailing ponds.

Geo Loop 40-500 Deep Hole Grouter

This grouter can be used to decommission boreholes up to 1500’ deep. It has a hydraulic hose reel and mixing paddles to not only make this easier but possible and at a high pressure. This machine is not only a useful tool on decommissioning but also when lots of grout is needed to be pumped quickly such as artesian conditions.

Support Drilling Equipment
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