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Track Mounted Drills


Track Mounted Mobile DrillMobile B54X

  • 2013 Mobile Drill B54
  • 10,100 ft-lbs of rotary torque
  • 30 FT Tower
  • Hydraulic Feed Stroke (13ft) and Mast (32ft)
  • Angle Drilling to 45-degrees from vertical position
  • 16,000 lb Pulldown Force, 24,000 lb Retract Force
  • 20-inch rubber tracks provide low ground disturbance
  • Very low maintenance rig
  • Arctic weather starting package and Espar pre-heater
  • LIFELINE Emergency Shutdown System

Track Mounted Drill Geo ProbeGeoProbe® 7822DT


The Geoprobe® 7822DT uses both direct push and rotary technology. It has the ability to quickly switch between both methods to maximize the most effective method. This machine sits on a compact set of tracks capable of fitting in tight spots both indoors and out.





Mobile B37X

Mobile B37XThe Mobile B37X is a top of the line long stroke all hydraulic drilling rig. This machine has over 10,000lbs of rotation torque for turning large augers in even the toughest of conditions. It has a 10 speed transmission which can turn rock coring equipment at speeds of 1000 RPM’s. The drill sits on a brand new Morooka rubber track carrier and will be able to access almost all possible drilling locations. The travel speed of this drill rig is the fastest in its class, it will outperform any other machine. Track Mounted Drill Acker MB5


Acker Renegade

The Acker Renegade is a multipurpose drill set up for auger, coring, DTH, SPT, and mud rotary. It sits on Caterpillar tracks and can be operated by remote control or by an operator. This drill is perfect for sites with tight or limited access. The Renegade is a versatile drill that can go anywhere from an asphalt parking lot, to a frozen winter road in the arctic. It is equipped with 13’ of stroke which makes it extremely fast for solid stem drilling and the automatic hammer makes hollow stem work much faster.

Acker MP-5

Acker MP-6The Acker MP-5 is mounted to a Morooka rubber track carrier, and is capable of auger, coring, DTH, SPT, and mud rotary. The versatile MP-5 works in all conditions, such as mud, snow or pavement. The combination of the serious power and 11’ of stroke makes it an excellent choice for drilling in all soil types.




DR 150

The Deep Rock 150 has drilled all over Canada and has been our most accomplished drill to date. This DR 150drill has tackled projects from typical geotechnical jobs to very complicated mud rotary installations for hydroelectric dams. This drill specializes in auger, DTH, SPT, and mud rotary and has successfully completed thousands of these type projects. The DR-150 is mounted on a Bombardier J-5 making it extremely capable in snow, ice, hills, and mud. With the combination of the Bombardier carrier and the 12’ of stoke the DR-150 may be the perfect fit for your project.