Maple Leaf Drilling Services
Truck Mounted Drills


B-40LXMobile B-40LX

The Mobile B-40LX is a good option if you want to quickly get in and out of a hole. This drill has an extremely fast setup and tear down time which goes a long way toward productivity throughout a project. The B-40LX is mounted on a single axle International truck which it makes it efficient for drilling more than one jobsite or many holes in a day. The B-40LX has 12.5’ of stroke and is capable of drilling auger, DTH, coring, SPT, and mud rotary effectively. The Mobile B-40LX is an excellent option for environmental and geotechnical projects.

CME 55

The CME 55 is a powerful rig that specializes in hollow stem auger drilling but is capable of auger, coring, SPT, and DTH. This drill is mounted on a single axle International truck making it easy to move around and quick to setup and tear down.


Canterra CT-250Canterra CT-250

Primarily the Canterra CT-250 is a water well drill, but can also be used on other soil sampling and monitoring well projects. This powerful machine has 10,000 lbs of torque and 18,000 lbs of pullback while mounted on a large tandem International truck. With a big mud pump mounted on the deck this drill usually goes out for mud rotary drilling but also can also solid stem, hollow stem, and DTH. The CT-250 will be a good option on deep hole projects.